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Learn More. No set-up or clean-up! Your Game Coach manages the action and keeps your party on track!

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Stress-free party solution for the host Great for all ages, and all types of events. Mobile Video Theater full of entertainment and great music! Up to 20 players. Game On!

The following are some of the cognitive benefits of playing video games. Book Now GameZone Truck pricing is highly competitive with the average cost of other events such as inflatable parties, race tracks, or other parties consisting of 10 or more people. We set up, we entertain and we clean up! Formerly, the site competed with other similar free-game sites, such as Yahoo! Games and msngames. The idea was to have volunteers moderating chat lobbies, hosting tourneys , offering tech support, and interacting with the gamers to collect general feedback.

Volunteer Moderators for the Zone were initially designated as members of the "Zone Team", or zTeam, with assorted tokens assigned to five different teams: the Gaming Team! Because of legal complexities when AOL was sued by their volunteers—and the volunteers won the case—MSN Games reformed their policy by contracting a third-party company to manage the program.

In , Participate Systems won the contract and would continue to lead the program until its official disbanding. Participate Systems was acquired by Outstart. The Zone sanctioned a number of independent groups to operate tournaments on the Zone, subject to the groups retaining a tokened tournament director and obeying the Zone Code of Conduct. Groups operatedgames in a number of games, including backgammon, cribbage, chess, hearts, and others.

Some of these groups for example RTW Online's Thunder and MrFixitOnline's Smackdown series of tournaments in the Age of Empires series of games created an intense following, and the associated intercine rivalries.

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A few, such as GammonZone and Warpgammon backgammon and Pegging Pals cribbage even survived the demise of the Zone and migrated to other servers. Citing MSN's statement regarding the closure of CD-ROM games on the Zone on June 19, , the Member Plus program was also disbanded at that time, due to the removal of chat capabilities from game lobbies and the end of support for the ZoneFriends client.

These games are like old friends: they gave us our start, and helped us grow from an innovative little entertainment site to a truly stellar online gaming experience.


We held out absolutely as long as we could, but it was finally time to make that decision. In a series of public chats held with various administrators and developers of the Zone, MSN outlined its plan to shift its gaming environment into Windows Live Messenger , a more frequently updated client than the outdated ZoneFriends messenger used on the Zone. However, due primarily to MSN's inability to provide a timeframe for the expected replacement of chat lobbies, tournaments, and its Member Plus volunteer moderator program, thousands of players appeared at each session to express their discontent, and began an online petition in an attempt to stop MSN's scheduled changes.

As with previous changes, however, MSN has continued to stand firm in its commitment to the retirement of its services, citing outdated hardware and lack of economic viability for the old products. Ensemble only began their switch to an in-game matchmaking system with the release of Age of Mythology.

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For many such games, no replacement service has been announced. The first game in the Flight Simulator series to use in-game matchmaking is Flight Simulator X , released early , leaving a gap of several months without MSN supported matchmaking services. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.