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She crocheted edgings and tidies, made lamp-mats, toilet-sets, and collars, and had earned sixteen dollars. Granny would not have touched a penny of it for the world. So Florence bought herself two pretty delaine dresses for winter wear, and begged Granny to let Miss Brown cut and fit them. Florence had a pretty, slender figure; and she was rather vain of it. Her two dresses had cost seven dollars, a pair of tolerably nice boots three and a half, a plaid shawl four, and then she had indulged in the great luxury of a pair of kid gloves.

It had come about in this wise. Day had purchased them in New York, but they proved too small for her daughter Julia.

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe; Or, There's No Place Like Home (Paperback)

She was owing Florence a dollar; so she said, —. I bought them very cheap: they ask a dollar and a quarter in some stores;" and she held them up in their most tempting light. Green is all the fashion, and you have a new green dress. There was a pair of nice woollen gloves at the store for fifty cents; and although they were rather clumsy, still Florence felt they would be warmer and more useful.

Day, giving the dainty little gloves a most aggravating stretch.

Now, Mrs. Day knew that it was wrong to tempt Florence; but the gloves were useless to her, and she felt anxious to dispose of them.

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So Mrs. Day gave her the gloves and twenty-five cents. Florence carried them home in secret triumph, and put them in her drawer in Granny's big bureau.

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She had not told about them yet; and sometimes they were a heavier burden than you would imagine so small a pair of gloves could possibly be. Joe had earned a little odd change from the farmers round, and bought himself a pair of new trousers and a new pair of boots; while Hal had been maid-of-all-work in doors, and head gardener out of doors.

And there'll be cabbage and pumpkins and marrow-squash and Lima beans, and lots of corn for the chickens. The garden has been a success this summer.

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe : Or, There's No Place Like Home

She's actually getting fat, Granny; and she has a dimple in her cheek. Why, she'll be almost as pretty as Flossy! Kit and Charlie still romped like wild deers. They had made a cave in the wood, and spent whole days there; but Charlie burned her fingers roasting a bird, and went back to potatoes and corn, that could be put in the ashes without so much risk. The old plaid cloak had been made over for a school-dress, and Charlie thought it quite grand. I love your outfit. The shoes are to die for.

The pants are beautiful and I am so in love with the Chanel booties!! The photos of Roanoke are so charming. Those Chanel booties are my favorite, and i love your mustard and blue oufit, charming!

Love the outfit, awesome trousers xoxo Ty Ty. Hi Jane, Congratulations upon your recent feature the the vogue mag. Simply stunning! Love how you journey the blogging experience together with your mum. Keep it up! They look so delicate and pretty.

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  • Great pictures, Jane. Those Chanel heels are absolutely darling! I went through every single page of the site, haha. All your looks are totally gorgeous and you are an inspiration! I decided I am going to finally try doing some different things with fashion like I have wanted to for a long time.

    Those shoes are amazing! I would give ANY thing in the world to raid your closet! THIS outfit is amazing!

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    I love your Chanel heels. By the way, like those shoes! Hey, Jane! Like your blog and your style! First, I love you blog. Wonderful picatures and the hple feeling is just amazing! Love it! And I also have a question; Why did you start to blog? Its refreshing for us coastal girls to know that Texas is a mecca of fashion , not just a dust bowl filled with cowboy hats. Oh my gosh I totally love it and you could pull it off. Love the shoes!

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    LOVE the booties! Beauuutiful shoes! I love your style! When is this? I know exactly where you took those photos! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. I have to say that I much prefer the bleak and dreary dustscapes of Texas to the urban sprawl of Tokyo…I always have. My mom and I shot each other in Roanoke, just a minute or two away from home.

    Wearing a J. Crew pleated bib front shirt, J. Crew bracelets, shiny brocade pants from 'furfur', and Chanel bowtie heels. Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. I have noticed there has been a huge movement in fashion lately towards softer colors and fabrics, lots of pastel This weekend we had my family over for dinner, and my mom always seems to come bearing gifts.