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The New Jersey-based company leased a ,square-foot facility and works with South Georgia peanut farmers, roasting and packing peanuts to send around the world. The partnership aims to improve access, equity and affordability of care in central and south Georgia. Ninfa M. Saunders, adding that the project manager agreed to hire a diverse group of workers from local companies for 70 percent to 80 percent of the positions necessary for the construction.

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In addition, the county is gaining momentum in its efforts to extend the runway at Middle Georgia Regional Airport and provide twice-a-day passenger service between Macon and Washington, D. If approved, the project will be 90 percent funded by the FAA and 10 percent by local and state coffers.

Local News in a Digital Age

We can be a transportation and logistics hub. In fact, Reuter Strategy, a community planning and consulting firm, is leading the charge to expand the I corridor north of Macon. The Georgia Municipal Association contracted Reuter last year to support their work with smaller metro areas in Georgia as well as the local governments along I, he says. At the beginning of the year, Reuter was planning for local governments along the corridor to take the lead in the expansion efforts, creating public-private partnerships to collaborate on planning and branding the I corridor.

Mercer University is no newcomer to the affordable housing challenge. Brumley, senior VP for marketing communications and chief of staff at Mercer. The John S. If recipients remain in their home for five years, the loan is forgiven. In addition, the school recently opened new beds in student housing.

Education is an initiative of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce as well, having embarked on a multiyear partnership with the Bibb County Board of Education to align the needs of the business community with classroom initiatives in the local schools. These include 10 print publications, from the leading daily newspaper to weekly community papers and niche publications, along with a university newspaper.

While there is relatively little radio news presence, three of the major network television broadcasters operate in the metro area, along with an independent station. The majority of local publishers have some form of web presence, but it is limited. All of the local broadcasters maintain a website. But of the print publications, just four have active websites updated with local news on at least a weekly basis.

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Others either publish less frequently, have gated access, or simply offer the website as a way to subscribe to the print edition. The area has no major digital-native news publishers. When it comes to social media, the majority of local outlets operated and regularly updated their social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter, at the time of study.

In many ways, the heart of journalism innovation is emerging from Mercer University, whose Center for Collaborative Journalism CCJ is home to Groundsource, a mobile community engagement tool, and other initiatives to connect residents, students and professional journalists.

In addition to the dedicated journalistic enterprises, Pew Research analysts identified eight sources that, within their offerings, provide original news and issue-related local content at least monthly.

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In Macon, these ranged from municipal websites and news services of a local university to the page of a local congressman. While sites that provide event listings or services like bill paying are valuable elements of community information, they are beyond the purview of this study and not tallied here. It launched as a weekly paper in While other area newspapers and magazines such as The Atlanta Journal Constitution and Georgia Trend magazine may occasionally run a story featuring Macon, these publications lack dedicated manpower in central Georgia.

Now, she says, the paper focuses its resources primarily in five core counties. The paper is still circulated in about 28 counties, though, and provides some coverage—such as sports and public safety—in many of them. One such effort, called Macon in the Mirror , had journalists and students fan out into the community conducting around interviews with local residents to ask them questions about their concerns the most consistent answer: blight.

Today, the Gannett-owned station dominates the ratings within Macon, drawing about seven times as many viewers as its closest competitor, according to data obtained from Nielsen Media Research. In , the NBC affiliate, seeking to cut costs, closed its news department. For more than a decade, the station did not produce local news in Macon. The station, better known to local viewers today as 41 NBC, chose to revive its news department in Network affiliations have been quite fluid in Macon. The two affiliates share news content and production facilities.

In , the two stations began airing NewsCentral, which is broadcast four times daily. Macon Money is our aroma-forward, double-hopped IPA with stacks on stacks of floral and fruity hops.

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American, tried and true. Our original Lager has a light body but is full of flavor with a crisp finish. This bright, clear beer, brewed with the help of active duty and retired personnel from Warner Robins Air Force Base, honors our country's service members, ladies and gentlemen alike. This distinctive Georgia blonde ale is light bodied and drinks easy.

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And history will look on the release of this malty brown ale as an important event indeed. Time and Old World brewer craftsmanship gives this ale rich notes of vanilla beans, rum, and golden raisins. Georgia, Prohibition forces Macon's own Acme Brewing Company to close it's doors in just a few short years. Losing the acclaimed American Queen Beer in the process. This Brut IPA is regal in it's own right. Fantastic hop aromas of citrus and pine with a crisp clear golden body and dry champagne finish.