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The sugar count is a bit high anywhere from 23 grams to a whopping 37 grams per 8-ounce serving , but it is of some comfort that this sugar comes from fruits rather than from high fructose corn syrup, like so many other drinks. Plus, Naked products are all-natural, preservative-free, and packed with nutrients a single bottle of Red Machine includes percent of the daily recommended allowance of vitamins B6 and B12 and folate, and 60 percent of your daily calcium.

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So, try them for yourself, and keep them on hand for kids—and for when your sweet tooth strikes. The Naked Juice is available at grocery and natural food stores throughout the U. There is no online store as of this writing, but visit NakedJuice. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication, but are subject to change. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Our first instinct was to check the ingredient label to find the secret behind the sweetness.

We found that, of the drinks in our line-up , all but the Pomegranate Juice contained grape juice either white, red or both , a go-to ingredient for drink companies that want to add sweetness without loading the product with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sometimes the added grape juice can be so sweet that it overpowers the rest of the flavors in juices, but we didn't find this to be the case with the Naked line. We would have liked a bit more of that wonderful sour-bitter flavor in the Pomegranate juice; we felt it got a bit buried under the sweetness.

Mighty Mango is mightier with orange juice mixed in But then Gold Machine arrived: banana and pineapple. Who could resist? The Smoothies Bible, by Pat Crocker. The go-to book regarding all things smoothie. Includes benefits and recipes for all kinds of smoothies. In that 8-hour window, one has x amount of calories that must be tracked as well as x amount of macronutrients that should be hit as strictly as possible. On a workout day, this means lots of carbs, nearly no fat, and moderate protein. Then you feast ; large meals that feel like a huge, very uncomfortable binge.

I did this. Immediately, this fueled me to continue.

Low-Carb Smoothies : More than 135 Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth without Guilt [Paperback]

The first 2 weeks felt like I was binging daily and it was not fun. I continued to lose weight and inches and people started noticing. You look like you lost like…six pounds!

You look amazing! I started to notice zits popping up a little more often. My blog was my Paleo baby.

Instead, I started polluting my blog with my obsessiveness over how starving myself for hours a day will get me lean and insisting everyone do it too. We all know Mark would not condone this sort of destructive behavior…. So I was already a damaged mind, in denial and alone. There were days I would eat off Leangains… these days included me raiding my refrigerator, going to dinner with friends and ordering apps, drinks, dessert and still wanting more.

Pre-intermittent fasting I was in bed by 9 pm, sometimes 8 pm- out cold, and up and refreshed by AM. I only did strength training and I did it alone. I would cry many days. By week 8, my chin was breaking out more. By week 9, more, by week 10, I had legitimate acne; large cist-like monsters just hanging out under my skin.

My hormones were ALL out of whack. While I am fighting to get to sleep on warm September night, I find myself thinking about my diet, my weight, my looks, this horrible acne… and it dawns on me… The cause is the effect of intermittent fasting. I grabbed my computer and re-read it. I started balling my eyes out. Everything Stefani wrote was everything I had been experiencing.

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I had let my health go and let bad body image take over. A few paragraphs back, you might recall I was just a girl who had main meals and maybe some snacks. I nourished myself properly. I listened to my body. I decide I have to immediately share this with my facebook following so I post an update about my epiphany.

I knew George had read my update. I knew weeks ago, George called me out on being on a destructive path.

Avocado and Coconut Refresher Smoothie

I knew George was right. I got all my Paleo staple-favorites: bananas, berries, bacon , eggs, dark chocolate, chicken wings , a roast, steak , sweet potatoes…etc. I called my mom and invite her over for my favorite breakfast that I have been ignoring for 10 long weeks- bacon and eggs and tell her I need to talk. This was no longer going to be my secret , I needed help before this spiraled into something far more dangerous. I was knee-deep in quicksand down a path of an eating disorder and wrapped up in severe body image issues.

My mom listens, tells me it has concerned her and she walked out of my place that morning, taking my scale with her.

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There is no scale in my house to obsess over. My struggles and problems are no longer a secret. The horrific physical and mental repercussions intermittent fasting brought to the table 10 fold are now something I am both so thankful for and regretting. I am not proud I took this road, I realize I am light years away from the once healthy me I was just a year ago, I realize this is going to be a brand new journey in finding health, but I am excited to work on me, to look into therapy and to have a support system.

I can only hope sharing my story will spark something in other women or men like myself and stopping the cycle. First days were tough and I did stuff myself, and with some junk, I wanted to eat to the point of pain.

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I switch more and more to complex carbs. I eat a lot more vegetables now!

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I eat a salad every day. Try to eat from all food groups. I am not as addicted to food or sugar as I was. Already on day 2, I had increased energy. It got horrible. But I will finally be with husband finally in about a month this lasted since So since my energy was better after starting OMAD I started exercizing a little bit and being more active. About a week into OMAD my face completely cleared from pimples.