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This last section will also offer a hermeneutical reading of Wittgenstein's notion of Excursus on Wittgenstein's Vision of Language. The New Wittgenstein (eds.

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Kangaroo Cornice looks pretty good. Looking up, I finally realize, so does the view.

Bolstered by my specs, I decide to test my abilities in a race against a virtual Lindsey Vonn on a mini GS run. I score nearly 15 seconds slower than her, somehow earning myself a bronze medal. I want to share the good news with Lindsey; she has a suite two floors above mine at the Ritz-Carlton. At least we had EpicMix Racing, Lindsey. A freak lightning storm puts an end to my skiing for the day, so I decide a celebration for the. La vue aussi, finalement, me dis-je en levant les yeux.

Au moins, EpicMix nous unit, Lindsey et moi. It regularly depletes all of surrounding Eagle County of its pork butt supply, which it smokes and braises in its on-site smokers for a total of 20 hours. The next day, the sun cracks open the sky. Technology is everywhere, from the kids with GoPro cameras flicked up like rooster combs on their helmets to the guy casually taking a picture of himself and his hot chocolate at the Dawg Haus below Blue Sky Basin.

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Le lendemain, le soleil fend les nuages. Buy now in theatre or at Cineplex. Additional restrictions may apply. The roasted bone marrow is deliciously carnal.

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Valets at the Ritz-Carlton Club, Vail will have your skis waiting for you at the foot of the mountain and whisked away at the end of the day. They are wearing sockless loafers and colourful polos or checked shirts tucked into brown-belted khaki shorts. I interrupt their game to ask what they think it means to dress like a Southern gentleman.

I return to my seatmates at the bar, knuckle-deep in barbecue sauce-smothered ribs, and smile. My mission, to spy on Southern gentlemen in their natural habitat, is off to a good start. The hot and humid climate is a big influence on Southern style; weather is the reason seersucker is so popular in the South and as good an excuse as any to wear white bucks after Labour Day to the dismay of many Northerners. But more than that, the pride Southerners take in how they dress has everything to do with manners, which are ingrained in a Southern code of conduct: Children learn to tie a tie at the same time as they are taught to say please and thank you.

To get to the bottom of the appeal of the quintessential Southern gentleman, I go straight to the source: three menswear stores, one in Atlanta and two in Birmingham, Alabama. Their owners have agreed to show me what the Southern man is made of. Ma mission, espionner des gentlemen du Sud dans leur habitat naturel, commence bien. The head and neck are mounted on a wall in his store above a collection of restored vintage timepieces.

A green floral Ferragamo tie is the perfect pop of requisite colour, and. Les sympathiques commis vous conseilleront. His wife, a former fashion editor and pillar of the Mashburn empire, opened her own womenswear shop here in Mashburn chose well: I revisit the neighbourhood several times during my trip, each time discovering something new, including a mini-putt course next to the patio at the Optimist.

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The blue blazer, he says, is a must. You carry your phone and your wallet in it, and you can wear it to dinner or to a cocktail party at the pool. Their workspace is a focal point, positioned where men get measured for the perfect suit — what Mashburn calls bringing the heart of the store to the forefront. As we leave the taqueria, Mashburn nudges me. Pour lui, le blazer bleu est un must. We prefer two-ply all-wool fabrics from England or Italy. Men expect more longevity out of their clothes and the double-yarn fabric wears better. Our suits fit close to the body, with a high armhole, which allows for better movement and more comfort long term.

We cut pants so there is no disruption to the line. We like to add details to our suits: two breast pockets, a pen pocket on the interior and a small pocket on the lower left interior for a cellphone. Enough said. H a r r i s on Li m i te d As a child in Kentucky, Scott Pyburn used to swap the outfit his mother dressed him in for one of his own choosing minutes before the school bus arrived.

His store, Harrison Limited, is located in the Birmingham neighbourhood of Mountain Brook, where it has stood for 22 years.

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He likes the fact that the jeans are made in North Carolina. Il est dans le camp kaki. His first order was nearly sold out before he even received the shoes. As we chat about his love of classic cuts and the merits of fine craftsmanship, a gentleman walks in wearing a dog-print tie, grey pleated slacks and a dark-brown alligator-skin belt.

He looks ready for his close-up. The legendary service, exquisite design, world-class amenities, and impeccable finishes are now on display for all to see. Experience it for yourself in a stunning new model suite from award-winning design expert, Brian Gluckstein.

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  5. A limited number of premium residences are still available. For your private viewing of these exceptional suites please call The developer, Bay-Yorkville Developments Ltd. Prices, sizes and specifications are subject to change without notice.


    Props are hand-picked by Ken Shaia and his wife, Fonda, a prop stylist, and are merchandised so seamlessly, they appear to be family heirlooms. The denim display at the entrance was once a garden, while the footwear nook used to be the kitchen. Not surprising for a store that carried the first Ralph Lauren collections in the Southeast and that now has a shop-in-shop dedicated to Scott James, whose designs marry Italian and American Ivy League.

    For Ken and the younger generation of men who work in his store, the idea of the Southern gentleman has more to do with etiquette — always open the door for the elderly, take your hat off in an elevator — than it does with wearing a specific outfit. Shaia sold buttons out of a backpack before setting up shop in Birmingham, in But manners in the South are never far removed from appearance.

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    Nestled in a courtyard with English gardens out back, the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta is an elegant retreat with a marblefloored foyer framed by a sweeping staircase a setting debutantes would feel at home in. The lush grounds are home to original plantation-style farmhouses as well as the landmark Swan House, a mansion where a themed ball is held annually.

    Our favourite: a fried-fish number topped with pickled jalapenos. The rich and powerful sound will make your music sound incredible. Enjoy it wherever and whenever you want with just a touch. Sony make. Smartphone sold separately. A comfortable and stylish space that showcases the artistic talent, contemporary design and natural beauty of Canada. With every modern amenity, it will enhance your airport experience well beyond the ordinary. Visit www. Visitez www. Maple Leaf is a trademark of Air Canada. Across North America, crinkly shrink wrap, beeping microwaves and that unfathomable meat known as the chicken tender are being replaced with scratch preparations, sous-vide cooking and exotic seasonings.

    As the year ends on a high note for hungry travellers, we bring you a taste of how fly-by restaurants are spicing it up. Hint: at Toronto Pearson International that includes Indian street foods like dilli ki chaat and chicken tikka kathi rolls pictured at left and on the next page.