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Germany lives in a field of tension, eastern world, western world, broken world, two world halves, alien and enemy to each other, Germany lives on the seam, where the seam splits open, time is precious, it is just a span, a meager span, wasted, a second to catch your breath, breathing a spell on a damned battlefield. The Hyde Emilia doesn't hold up in a I-can-hold-my-liquor stand-up hooker bar. Tail between little girl's thighs she stumbles home to bare Dr. Jekyll teeth. Open wide and see the masticated ready to rage, waging on personal possessions from the past cherry on the tongue.

Emilia's little girl walk ons make their appearance for all who see her under the empty sparkling tree come sparkling present day opening. I began to wonder why they weren't looking at real little girls if they were looking so wishingly for the past crack when she must've been one. It seemed to go that way. The little German comely, perverted in a marriage dance with her husband, Phillip. Dress up marriage motions. Phillip bored me with his galloping horse of a different color to the tune of I'm not really a writer so I whine about how everything keeps me from writing.

I wish Emilia could've quoted what William Faulkner once said about people who whined about how they didn't have the time to write. If they really wanted it nothing would stop them. Shut her up in the house and sob and cry about the future they promised you. She's good to animals. Animals don't know about the dues collecting or visiting body parts from the past.

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A prostitute wishes she had waited long enough for a white American soldier to get off the train. She thinks hard about killing his Negro baby boiling in her belly of thinks hard thoughts. Washington speaks love words maybe only the baby could hear. Maybe the baby hears the German kids refer to him as their Mother's Nigger like it was his name. I sure don't know what America Phillip thought he was going to that didn't look like tables turned of shit and unfair. The American teacher Kay chases after the poet Edwin.

She could float on an aura of the magic of the young as if it were really going to last forever. She's twenty-one what an achievement. The other female teachers are thirty-eight and forty-five. I always wonder at young people who believe their youth is a virtue that will last forever. Kay wasn't interesting to me. A kiss on the mouth, take my jaunty hat.

Kay's freedom she doesn't have to think about. Emilia's bitter new freedom she can't take for granted versus the It meant more to Emilia to give away the necklace for nothing. If Kay chases after Edwin as if she could get more than out of his book, well, that can happen in another book that I won't read. What did it mean than taken for granted? A German film star is the Archduke Amour. He's more disappointing to the affairs slinking away from the sink.

His enormous wife sleeps in beds and on street corners where she runs into people who must always have a secret assignation just beyond her.

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I was of the mind that Melassina and her greed hooded stare were a gnat buzzing by the ear and nothing more. I'm reminded of the useless "I can't write" pity party of the day of Phillip. They don't have to do anything she asks and if she asks, well, turn the other way when you see her. Why do they look into the faces of others for their I can'ts and I won'ts?

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The daughter of the horny actor and his Jell-o jiggler of a wife is dragged to her knees from the ardently devoted to hell fire and brimstone rants maid in charge. This Emmi picks at the scabs on her knees, breathing fire on her I'll light a candle for your damnation. Little girl a real one Hillegonda might have a life of her own one day because she dreams outside of how she likes to see herself. The mice cross themselves too when they are in church. The dogs see themselves as Emilia's master as the men and women hope for a little girl. The rubble at their feet would have broken itself into more pieces of rubble.

The bombs and bells would have announced more bombs and bells. The cold and cruel faces promised more empty of human feeling. Koeppen's book is powerful in the promises when the Hydes and the Jekyll's shut the doors. This is how it is going to be. I think it happened when the masks came on. I will be Hyde today.

Jekyll said this wasn't in him, it never happened. It's not me. No one says how it was and how it really is. A psychiatrist collects their stories and what he looks for are Emilia's little girl calves. My gaze couldn't stay on his face. They want the baby. I don't want to believe that only the ignorant can be innocent. I know there's an answer in trying and I can't move to resist. I am exhausted in running in place, of every day more to pay.

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They are already old and guilty of this I don't want to say lives. I want to name the feeling when Koeppen's prose bares it's teeth for drums. Punch lines and death tolls? I like that best about his writing and I'm useless at naming it. The you before you, before anything happened, like with dogs. If pigeons could get off the grass they might want to give a little of that back.

I remember something Tony Judt wrote in his book Post War about how the prosperous times and peace in Europe after the war might be because people were moved to their own places Yugoslavia the exception had horrific bloodshed. That people weren't less violent only the people they hated were gone. I think there's something to that.

Would social programs offered to people that people didn't see as just like themselves get off the ground?

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There are enough examples in the USA of corruption, laws existing to marginalize and punish minorities. There is a feeling of this in Pigeons on the Grass. The where else people are looking. There's the self concern and as long as it doesn't apply to me.

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Death in Rome scared me for the power play face pulling. The every day. It makes music when you listen. This is how they pick up the pieces is to hold them in their hands and wish a shape they never had, willing into background noise. When they didn't know what they looked like to begin with. Hyde says it's Jekyll and Jekyll blames Hyde. View all 3 comments. Feb 19, SuerteEncantada rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-historical , books-i-own. If you overcome this hurdle, you will be granted an unlikly experience of an ordinary story.

Taking place shortly after World War II in a town in southern Germany, the novel follows several characters struggeling, exploring or simply living this one day. At the beginning there doesn't seem to be a connection b "Tauben im Gras" is a not an easy novel to read: The fragmented structure, the scarce punctuation and the shifting point-of-view as well as the many characters do not allow a light reading.

At the beginning there doesn't seem to be a connection between these characters, but the different stories interweave more and more over the course of the novel. The language, the rhythm and the structure of the sentences often reminded me of modern poetry. I quite liked the fragmented style of this novel as it clearly enabled to capture a snapshot-esque atmosphere of the first years of post-World War II Germany. While the topic itself might not be my first choice in reading, the characters and the way they were presented kept me interested.

Chapter 5: Völkisch-Nationalism in the Post-War Era

I can clearly understand why many people might not like the style chosen by the author and I did need some time to finish this relatively short novel, but it was worth the time it took. If you are looking for something completely different to read and like a small challenge, this book might be perfect for you. Jun 19, Jo. Liest rated it really liked it. Der Autor verzichtet dabei auf dominierende, tief entwickelte Protagonisten. Durch innere Monologe und plastische Vergleiche wird das Seelenleben dieser Gesellschaft von Isolation und Selbstzweifel bis zur Resignation verfolgt.

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Oct 29, Mila rated it really liked it Shelves: deutsch. One day in the immediate post-war period in an unnamed German city - we can easily identify Munich, a former centre of Nazi Germany. In a setting in ruins, the book pictures a country waking up with a hangover after years of Nazism, where racial laws have given way to a strange cohabitation with black occupying soldiers. It follows the destinies of a myriad of characters converging towards a few focal points: a base-ball game, an orgy organised by the wife of a jaded successful German actor, a dr One day in the immediate post-war period in an unnamed German city - we can easily identify Munich, a former centre of Nazi Germany.

Koeppen renders an almost surreal atmosphere of confusion and distress with great wealth of sensory details, depicting people swarming in fields of ruins, exposed to sirens and aircraft noises, surrounded by beer exhalations, onion and Bratwurst smells.